About D Avanti

D Avanti started as a dream I had from the time I was a little girl… always drawing clothes, dressing people, putting together outfits. By the time I started working in fashion when I turned 16, I was already writing a business plan for my own store. I eventually left the world of fashion to pursue other business ventures, never losing my passion for expressing myself through style. I continued to design/ make clothes, and personally style people on the side for a few years, with the idea of having my own line never leaving the back of my mind.

Upon my graduation and after traveling all that summer, I decided to finally take the jump and turn my ideas, I could never stop thinking about, into a reality. And a few short months later… D Avanti came to life! The name D Avanti has such an integral meaning for me. “La vita va avanti” is something I was always told growing up, basically meaning “life goes on” with “avanti” which roughly translates to “continually moving forward”. For my family, this was a constant reminder that we would get through whatever came our way, and thus, the name I chose for my store.

I’ve always wanted D Avanti to not only be a way to express yourself through fashion, but to also be a conjunction of styles… just like my own! Thanks to being raised on the road, I’ve been influenced by a massive variety of styles and I hope to bring that to each and every one of you! From edgy, classic, elegant, refined, simple, or trendy we will have something for everyone to express their personality through style!